The Miracle Of Life

As we have just gone through Christmas and celebrated the miracle of Jesus coming to earth, I thought it was time to share miracles and things I was in awe of from pregnancy and giving birth. When I went through the last trimester of pregnancy and the process of birth, everything was overwhelming with all that was happening in my body and then seeing the child that was formed and grown in my womb. As I was learning about post birth happenings, I just couldn’t get over how everything was fit together and how God created the process. It was so fascinating and so amazing. Several women had told me that after giving birth, I would be more astonished at the miracle of life and the process of how God creates life. So, I have decided to put together several things that were so fascinating to me – some are awing moments. Some are hardships I went through. This is pretty real with giving birth and nothing to be afraid of with how God created women and this process.
During the last trimester, a woman wakes up continuously to empty her bladder – sometimes four times a night. This is to help prepare for the many times the baby will wake up. I also had times, where I would be wide awake at 3-5 in the morning.
hospital megan
When the water breaks, fluid continue to keep forming the whole time in labor to continue to nourish the baby.
When the baby is born and begins to nurse at the mother’s breast, uterine contractions happen to bring the uterus back down to it’s original size (I had no idea this happened, and it is a cool feeling, yet a painful feeling at times too. Say what? I am supposed to try to start feeding this child, while I’m having intense uterine cramping at the same time? But it is just like God to create this to help healing)
After or during nursing, a mother feels very thirsty. It is to prompt the mother to drink more to keep producing milk for the baby.
Jordanna Hospital
While all these are amazing things, plenty of hardships also occur with birth. Everyone told me about the baby blues the first two weeks. I would say that title is inaccurate. I wasn’t blue about having a baby. I loved my baby and didn’t want to hear her cry ever. I think that period should be called the Recovery Blues or the Hormonal Blues. It is very real. Hormones are all over the place, and many days I just started crying and didn’t know why. Or, I would be talking about something very normal and just cry and cry. I didn’t feel like myself at all, and I wondered if I would ever go back to normal. Yes, things evened out eventually.
Another hardship is healing from birth. This intense process happens and if you have an epidural like I did, you don’t know what is happening to your body. I’m very grateful for the epidural. However, you feel all the after effects. Everyone says 6 weeks for healing. I can for sure say now that I wasn’t healed until 14 weeks after birth. It wasn’t anything I did or didn’t do, but it was just the time my body needed. I was wondering if I would ever feel like I would pre birth. Yes, it has happened, but it just took more time.
And, as I have watched my baby grow, I continue to be in awe at the process of creation. God chose that one sperm and one egg to develop and grow and become this awesome child. He knit her and chose her genes, looks, DNA, everything… And He knows the number of hairs on her head and has great plans for her. Birth is quite the evidence of our Creator. He is so creative and does far more than I could fathom. How great is our God!
Jordanna and me


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