Is it the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

This time of year can bring many mixed emotions for different people. It is said to be “the most wonderful time of the year,” but that may not be true for us all. For me personally, I am enjoying Christmas this year more than I have in a long time. I’m loving the lights, the music, reading the stories, and reflecting on Jesus coming to be with us. Maybe it is because I’m a mom now, and I can identify more with this miracle and Mary’s side of things. Maybe it is because this year, it is really low key, not busy, and I’m really enjoying just being present and with our family of Raymond, Jordanna, Max, and me.
But, I did not always enjoy this whole season. Many people loved the Christmas break and time to be with family, but in my past single years, I sometimes dreaded it. I was always with people and loved my time on Christmas, but there is more to the season. There is the week between Christmas and New Year’s, when the majority of people are enjoying time with their kids and family. That wasn’t me for a long time. I did enjoy parts of the season and tried to live in the moment, but let’s be real. We were created to be dependent and love and be with people. I prayed and had such a strong desire to be married and have a family for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I lived up my single years. I traveled, I continued my education, I met a lot of people, but the holidays always brought mixed emotions. Maybe you can identify as a single person, whether you’ve always been single or are now single again after the loss of your significant other, and you just desire to share life with someone.
Since I got pregnant, and God gave us the gift of Jordanna, I have become more aware and have a soft spot in my heart for those that desperately want to have children, but haven’t been able to yet. I know several people that would love a child and would provide a loving home, but God hasn’t granted their desires yet. I continuously pray for them. Maybe you can identify and just desire the gift of child.
So, if you are enjoying the season, keep enjoying it and pray for those who have mixed emotions. If you are having mixed emotions, try to focus on the good around you. If you are feeling lonely, seek out people to be with. One of the best things I learned in my single days and even use now is to initiate conversation and be the first person to introduce myself. If you are desiring a child, my heart goes out to you, and I would love to pray for you. Feel free to send me a private message. I don’t know why God has certain timing, but I will tell you part of my joy this season is because I’m with the best man that God had for me, and I stayed true to what I desired in a relationship and family. Don’t give up hope. Believe the best. Stay true to your convictions and desires. Try to focus on the positive and choose joy.


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Megan S.

I'm a born and raised farm girl from WI and am passionate about life - Living with purpose, on purpose, and sharing purpose. Saying yes to my passions and helping people be able to say "Yes to Joy".

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