During the month of November, we were able to see lots of family in New York and Wisconsin. Yes, we did take pictures of everyone, but that would be a lot of pictures filling up this blog post. So, here are the grandparents and great grandmas on my side of the family. It is so cool to see 4 generations. Although we weren’t all together in one spot, it is great to have these memories. It is quite a site to see grandparents and great grandparents interact with Jordanna. They sure do enjoy grandbabies!
When we went to Rochester, NY, we flew. Yes, we braved it and flew with an infant. It really was a pretty good experience. Jordanna had just starting finding her voice, so that was fun. We only had trouble on the last flight, which had already been delayed 1.5 hours, so understandably, Jordanna was overtired and ready for her own bed.
Some tips while flying with an infant that we learned:
1) Bring the car seat and stroller to the gate to check at the gate. It is so easy to put your infant back in the car seat and stroller right when getting off the flight (we have the Graco click connect, where the car seat clicks right into the stroller).
2) If you are traveling with your infant and spouse, make sure you are sitting together. It’s nice to have help and be together, during the flight.
3) Put the car seat base in a suitcase and check in checked baggage.
4) If you are breastfeeding, look at airports and research online what each airport offers and where. All airports we were in had nursing pods, family restrooms, or areas to breastfeed, except for La Guardia.
5) Have different types of layers for the infant – airports and planes all have different temperatures. We found that Jordanna was overdressed in the beginning.
6) If your diaper bag has several different zipper pockets, have all diaper stuff in one pocket (sometimes you just need to quickly get the diaper, wipes, and changing pad).
7) Have the infant chew on a pacifier during take-off, if the infant isn’t nursing or drinking.

So, if you or someone you know is flying over the upcoming holidays, feel free to share these tips.
Be safe and enjoy the season.
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