It seems the theme “Seasons” has been coming up a lot lately. Last Sunday, we heard a message from Ecclesiastes 3 talking about how “there is a time for everything.” And, we were encouraged that today is today, and the time we have today will never be here again. It will be history. So, the season we are in today is what we should embrace. I was thinking how this goes perfectly with talking about seasons in our careers, as well.

1st season in my career:
I started my career in a logistics and supply chain company not knowing anything about the field. My position was in logistics, and I received this position during the recession in 2009 right out of college. This job was in Orlando, FL, and I was so excited to live in a warm climate, having previously studied abroad in the Dominican Republic. I was very grateful to have a good job right out of college, when a lot of graduates were not able to find jobs during the recession. My undergraduate degree is Liberal Arts with concentrations in Spanish, Business, and Accounting with a music minor. But, I had never studied anything about supply chain or logistics. I loved my job and grew so much as a person and professional.

2nd season in my career:
My next position in the company was in Customer Care, where I gained good knowledge of our customers’ accounts and then helped start a new team in the company. During this time, I was in graduate school for my MBA, which was perfect to be learning leadership academically, as well as tactically and experientially in my position as a team lead.

3rd season in my career:
My next position with the company, I went back to the supply chain as a transportation analyst. I was able to utilize my relationships from the previous positions I had to help provide good service to our customers, while maximizing transportation efficiencies and cost effectiveness.

4th season in my career:
Next, I was referred to a new company for a senior analyst position in transportation, which transpired my move from Orlando, FL, to near Chicago, IL.
During this time, I met my husband Raymond online through eHarmony. He was living in Ames, IA, and I was in a suburb of Chicago. Our relationship quickly deepened, and we knew very soon that we were going to be committed forever. So, I moved to IA, while we were engaged and was able to work remotely and finish my position as a senior analyst. The plan was that I would find another job after our wedding in July 2016.

5th season in my career:
Well, the plan changed. I was evaluating my passions, along with my health experiences, and decided to change careers totally. I decided to share health and wellness through the platform of Yoli. After all I had gone through, I was already debating if I should go back to school for a nutrition or dietician degree, but I wasn’t sold on that. Yoli was the perfect way for me to share my health journey and help educate others to be at their optimal health.

6th season in my career:
I also decided to join and look for nanny positions. I had several interviews, which resulted in a full time position starting in October working with a 19 month old. I nannied her and also helped nanny the 2 neighbor girls. After that, I had the summer off and was 7 months pregnant. I will tell you that nannying was the best preparation for being a mom. I was able to be around little children again, learn about their developmental stages, research behavior, come up with crafts, and see how quickly children learn.

Do you see all the changes during my career? Many people wonder why a business professional with an MBA would change careers. It isn’t that I dislike the supply chain or logistics. I really loved what I did. But, I really see how God allowed me to change careers and had seasons to prepare for where I am today. All my previous experiences, including my MBA and work positions have prepared me for the season of today. I am a wife, a mom, an entrepreneur and health coach, and I’m starting an in-home daycare in January.
If you are feeling the need to change or explore other opportunities, don’t be afraid what title you have or degree you have. All your experiences matter.
So, is what you are saying “yes” to for your career bringing you joy?
Live in your today season and don’t be afraid to explore change to really be purposeful and enjoy what you do.


Published by

Megan S.

I'm a born and raised farm girl from WI and am passionate about life - Living with purpose, on purpose, and sharing purpose. Saying yes to my passions and helping people be able to say "Yes to Joy".

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