Health, Pregnancy, and Body pH

I’m so excited to be back. It has been just over 7 weeks, since our baby girl was born. We named her Jordanna Raelyn.
Meaning behind her name: Jordanna – Down flowing Favor, Grace, and beautiful; Raelyn- Wise protector
It has been an adventure to be in parenting. In a later post, I will write about my experience as a new mom right after birth and some encouragement to other moms-to-be.
Today, I want to focus on health. I received compliments about how great I looked during pregnancy and just after giving birth. I also had a pretty great pregnancy with minimal nausea in the first trimester. I strongly believe it has to do with my daily lifestyle choices with food and health supplements.
Lake preggo
You see, I have researched many, many things in relation to health, including our food choices, our environment, and supplements. I’ve been through several health issues in life, including IBS, leaky gut, anemia, menorrhagia, anxiety, and other feminine issues. Along my journey, I learned about pH balance and starting changing my lifestyle in 2014 to an Alkaline diet, where I cut out all processed carbs and sugar, along with cutting out dairy and gluten. I also started drinking Alkaline water and moved to an environment, where they didn’t clean or do laundry with chemicals. More later for my journey with my health.
Fast forward to today, my gut has healed, I now can eat dairy again (I choose whole dairy and cheese from my parents’ farm in WI), and I eat very little processed carbs. Our meals consist of a good protein, lots of veggies, sometimes fruit, and mainly rice, potatoes, or quinoa for our carb. We still are mainly gluten free. AND, I feel the best I have ever felt in my health journey and also know I’m taking in good, quality food, and supplements.
Where did I gain healing from my leaky gut and IBS? It was through Yoli. Yoli has a product called Alkalete that helps increase pH balance, since our lifestyles our so acidic (more later on diet and acidity). I have been taking Alkalete since March 2016. I started drinking their protein shakes daily starting in September 2016, and in November 2016, I became a member with Yoli.
PH balance is so important in our bodies – in an acidic environment, heart disease, depression, cancer, and more thrive.
So what is Alkalete?
To understand how Alkalete works, you first need to understand the pH scale. The pH scale indicates how acidic or alkaline something is using a scale from 0-14. A pH of 7 is neutral, a pH above 7 is alkaline or basic, and a pH below 7 is acidic.
The food you eat, your stress levels, and even the amount of time you spend being physically active can all affect your body pH.
Alkalete is designed to promote a healthy body pH and help your body better handle the demands of daily living. It uses mineral salts of calcium, potassium, and magnesium to help reduce excess dietary acidic load. These ingredients are gradually released through a patented time-release delivery system for maximum effectiveness and improved nutrient availability.**Taken from a Yoli Blog**
So, here are some pictures of my progress. Your health choices affect every part of you. Do you feel you are at your optimal health? Why not look at making some changes?
Hospital with Raymond, Jordanna
(Day after Birth)
3.5 weeks after pregnancy.jpg
(3.5 weeks after giving birth)


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