Why Joyful Yes?

When I started looking at blogging and the passions in my life, I brainstormed for several hours with my husband about what the name should be. And so, here is the story for Joyful Yes.

We all make choices in life everyday, and we all say “Yes” to things in life everyday. Whether these are mundane, subconscious, or conscious choices, they shape how we live life everyday. But, are we joyful and positive about the choices we are making? Are we living out our talents, giftings, and purpose with the choices we are making?

My hope for this blog is that it inspires people to be confident and joyful about choices made everyday. Whether it is in regards to family, health, career, talents, or purpose, I want to share my experiences and help others see how I have found Joy in my choices of “Yes” everyday and how you too can have Joy.

This will be an adventure, and I’m so excited about it.



Published by

Megan S.

I'm a born and raised farm girl from WI and am passionate about life - Living with purpose, on purpose, and sharing purpose. Saying yes to my passions and helping people be able to say "Yes to Joy".

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